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Raymond Marker


Raymond Marker is an expert with 20 years of experience compiling and presenting specialized digital evidential images. After graduating from Yale University, he began work with advanced cameras to produce photographic records for certified accuracy.  These images are used to present incontrovertible material for the purposes of: 1. Review 2. Documentation 3. Verification.  Using Digital Line Scan Images, a complete picture is assembled with the objective of exact time measurement and recording a specific order of events.  Mr. Marker has performed this service across the country and captured images with corresponding chrono readings accurate to 1/1000 of a second.  He can perform this task positioned immediately adjacent to the equipment or remotely, as far as half a mile away.


Building on this expertise, Mr. Marker moved on to employ Virtual Reality for the evidential purposes of Review, Documentation, and Verification.  Using 360˚ PhotoSpheres, he is able to completely record every aspect of a venue and then provide viewers the unprecedented ability to immerse themselves in that distant locale.  In addition, Mr. Marker conducts classes on Virtual Reality, instructing students on how to record their own PhotoSpheres and the mechanics of VR presentation.

Ray Marker
Tel: 404-840-6796
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