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Environment/Scene Capture
On-Site Virtual Reality Presentation

To preserve a scene for presentation, we utilize our Environment Capture service.  We come to your site and record and preserve the conditions and all observable details. 


In addition to the basic PhotoSpheres, we offer supplemental Captures that incorporate references to scale and distance, in order to ensure that the intended viewer can see and feel how large or small a given space is.


Using Virtual Reality, you are are able to take a scene that could be difficult or complex to describe and take the viewer there.


For courtroom and other presentations, See Change provides all of the Virtual Reality viewing equipment and manages every facet of its maintenance and function.  Most importantly, we understand the need to make the use of the VR equipment a natural and accessible experience for anyone, regardless of their technological acuity. 


For jury trials and courtroom presentations we have a specific and streamlined process.  We know how to meet the unique needs and challenges of presenting this technology in a courtroom setting, and we understand the necessity of laying a proper foundation and complying with the rules of evidence.



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